A Hug which said it all

The moment I saw his name flashing on my cell phone’s screen, I was excited and curious to find out his where abouts at Airport. He was only few meters away from me in that ocean of human beings, and then suddenly the call got disconnected leaving me perplexed and there I found him coming towards me, with a satisfying smile on his face. The moment I saw him, I got lost in him. I don’t remember how we covered those few meters distance and walked towards each other; all I now remember is “his hug”. He came forward and wrapped me in his arms. We didn’t care that we were surrounded by people; all that mattered at that point was that we were together. My all apprehensions before seeing him got evaporated and I found answers to all of them just by his hug. I was clear that he didn’t mind me coming to the Airport to see off him, he didn’t mind me coming late night (or early morning), he didn’t mind my frequent calls and messages before seeing him at Airport, he didn’t mind my Surprise!!

He gradually started bombarding me with his questions, how, when, why, with whom was I there- at the Airport. And as I handed over him the gift I had got and my most prized possession, he half hugged me again. I introduced him to my friend and her husband who had come along with me. Post which we slowly started moving towards International Departure and bid a final adieu to each other. He hugged me again and whispered, “I’ll miss you!!” It was time to depart and I wished “happy journey” and reminded him to call his parents and text me once he reached his destination.

He slowly moved towards departure and I moved out of the Airport.

I’m gonna miss you Pochu. But I think this was important to test ourselves and nurture the bond between us.

I’ll wait for you!! Come back soon!!

P.S. I haven’t updated this space from quite some time and a lot has happened in between. Just to quickly update you guys, I’ve found my “Would Be” and he has gone abroad for an official trip this morning for two weeks and I’d gone to see off him at the Airport. Since, I was all awake whole night, I’m tired and drowsy right now.


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      1. Arre delhi mein. Tum raat k do baje call karte ho aur mai 10 baje sota hu. Fir maine message kia ki time mile toh call up. Tumne fir 11 baje call kia😂😂😂


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