C for Cool Evening

Sitting in front of mall in this cool evening, which is sufficient to make me shiver lil bit. I’m waiting for Lattu to come. He’s stuck somewhere and will take another 15-20 min or may be more than that.

Listening to the track  “kuch iss tareh teri palkein meri palkon se mila de… Aansu tere saare, meri palkon pe saja de…” By Atif Aslam…

It’s Christmas eve and everyone is in festive mood. You can see lot of people coming out to celebrate with their dear ones. Red and white color is in the air!!
Don’t know why but my mind and heart are sulking. May be it’s the headache which I got before leaving office or may be the song, the ambience, the evening, his memories… His memories…!!!! Is it the reason… Is it the actual reason… Don’t know!! I remember, how during our courtship period, K had written this song on a piece of paper along with some other songs and had given me. I still have those papers with me and have kept them as my priced possessions. Sometimes, I think I should return everything to him which he has given, But what’s gonna happen with that… Will i be cursed by him for bringing storm in his settled life? And then I drag myself from doing so…


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