The lost connections

It’s been 17 months since we ended our 7 years old relationship and with you I’d lost R as well  6 months back. Both of you were pillars of my life, those strong shoulders where every time my broken heart was mended, my tears had got shelter, all my unheard words had got their voices, all my anger was calmed down.. but now since you both had gone, i’m left with this uneasiness in my life, a lacuna, a vacuum, a void…

I had tried to speak my heart out with A yesterday… but like everytime he just withdrew himself. I drew his attention towards this gesture of his casually, and he asked me not to tell anything to him. And here I am.. a silly girl, who wishes to be with him; a person who is not even interested in listening to my words. He is one of my good friends, but his behaviour yesterday just made me to contemplate. Its silly, stupid me. I gotta stop “Public display of my emotions”.

I’m setting a target/rule for myself here on:

1. No PDE (Public Display of Emotions- anger, happiness, sadness to anyone)

and anytime I break this rule, i gotta register that here and try not to repeat that.

I really miss you R & R… no one can fill the void you guys have created in my life. My heart truly aches for you both!


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