A night with random thoughts

I love to mention about the time, location and surroundings when I’m writing. When I look past, it helps me to recall those moments when I was writing. Sitting on terrace with my lappy, under a minimally visible star studded sky. As its July and there is no symptom of rain anywhere, I’m sweating while writing all these. I’m alone at the moment, but soon I realized that I’m accompanied by a graceful moon who is playing hide and seek with a huge neem tree just in front of me. A silent night making me to realize that it’s been almost 6 months that I haven’t written any post for my blog ever since I shut down my previous virtual space. So this is going to be my first post for this blog. I know as a first entry this will not gain much audience but this writing is for me more than anyone else. It heals me, it revives me. I know I’m sounding selfish but I think I need to be honest, we all need to be honest with it. We write for ourselves, to register our thoughts, to explore ourselves, others, this world. Motives could be different but we write because we want to.


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